Meet our distinguished team of former IBM AI Engineers and global market experts. Each member is a specialist in a particular field of finance, algorithmic and Quantitative (Quant) trading. Our core comprises proficient AI Engineers, complemented by trading experts who boast significant knowledge of software, Artificial Intelligence, and a vast array of assets including Forex, Futures, CFDs, Equity, Options, Crypto, and Alternative Assets. Discover more about our team’s unique expertise and shared commitment to driving innovation in AI and finance..

We are a diverse group of former IBM AI Engineers, Data Scientists and market experts from different parts of the world, unified by a shared mission: to revolutionize financial markets using Artificial Intelligence.

Our core team is composed of seasoned AI Engineers and Data Scientists who have made their mark in Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Anomaly Detection, and many other cutting-edge areas of AI. Their relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with a robust understanding of Quantitative Finance, forms the foundation of our research group.

Complementing this technical stronghold are our trading experts. These professionals are not just well-versed in AI and software engineering, but they also possess an in-depth understanding of global financial markets. Their expertise spans Forex, Futures, CFDs, Equity, Options, Cryptocurrency, and Alternative Assets. This rich diversity of knowledge allows us to approach financial modeling from a uniquely comprehensive perspective.

Our team’s synergetic blend of AI and finance skills puts us in an optimal position to tackle the complexities of financial market modeling. Through our collective intelligence and collaboration, we have consistently been able to translate innovative AI concepts into practical, reliable solutions for the financial industry.

In navigating the evolving landscape of AI and Quant Finance, we remain dedicated to our mission. We push boundaries, question the status quo, and most importantly, we learn and grow together.